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CBP Finally Releases September Numbers On Biden’s Border Crisis And They Aren’t Good



Border crisis

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) finally released the data on border crossings in September. The numbers showed that Biden’s border crisis has continued with Border Patrol making about 1.66 million arrests of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. from Mexico for Fiscal Year 2021.

“Border crossings surpassed 1.6 million annually at least twice recently, in 1986 and in 2000,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “In 2019, when crossings reached a peak under the Trump administration, the Border Patrol made about 850,000 arrests.”

The Wall Street Journal noted that the 1.66 million arrests in the Fiscal Year 2021, which started in October 2020, was “the highest annual number ever recorded.”
CBP said that there were 192,001 apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the southern border during September, a number that is 
many times higher than the number of apprehensions usually recorded in September.

In response to the numbers, Chad Wolf, former acting DHS secretary, said that it is because Biden has eliminated “effective, humane border security policies that were working.”

“Instead of upholding the rule of law, the administration has chosen to open the border by eliminating effective, humane border security policies that were working, replace those policies with no alternative, and then process the subsequent historic flows of illegal aliens into the United States as quickly as possible,” Wolf said. “And make no mistake, contrary to the Biden administration’s spin, the vast majority of those apprehended at the southern border are being released into our communities, as CBP’s own publicly available numbers show. The men and women of CBP deserve so much better than this. They deserve leaders who will help them do their jobs, enforce the rule of law, and give them the tools they need. The Biden administration has done the opposite at every turn, and we’re all paying the price for it.”

The flood of illegal immigrants across the southern border is just one of the many crises that have arisen as a result of President Biden’s policies.

“Mr. Biden’s first months saw a cascading set of crises,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The number of unaccompanied children arriving at the border began to surge, leaving the administration scrambling to establish a network of makeshift shelters at convention centers and sports arenas, to ensure the children didn’t languish in Border Patrol custody for longer than legally allowed. This year, nearly 145,000 children crossed the border into the U.S. without a parent, nearly double the previous record in 2019.”

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