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‘Cartels Run Our Borders’ Say TX, AZ Leaders

Roy: “Cartels have operational control of the border of the United States…”




Texas Representative Chip Roy has a terrifying message: “Cartels run our borders.” Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Republican representative spoke about his recent trip to the U.S. – Mexico border. His observations were terrifying.

“The reach of the cartels – I cannot emphasize the cartels enough,” he said. Specifically, Roy learned “cartels have operational control of the border of the United States. That’s the truth for the most powerful country the world has ever known. Cartels run our borders.”

Roy stated the situation at hand “is because of the absurd policies of the Biden administration.” “And frankly, a couple of decades now of the failures by even some of what I might call my establishment Republican friends siding with the Chamber of Commerce too much when we need to be focusing on having a secure border for our nation’s benefit.”

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey demanded earlier this week that the Biden administration take action. In an interview with Fox News, Ducey says criminals are taking advantage to fuel drug and human trafficking. “These drug cartels are taking complete advantage of the miscommunication that is happening out of the Biden White House.”

Specifically, cartels and human traffickers are “celebrating by exploiting these kids and the drug cartels, the human trafficking, the sex trafficking is all part of this migrant surge.” Ducey added, “the Border Patrol and CBP need support Our county sheriffs need support” lamenting “the Biden administration has been completely divorced from the reality that is happening at the southern border.”

“It would be nice if President Biden, Vice President Harris or Secretary Mayorkas would come see us in Arizona” added Ducey.

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