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Byron Donalds Responds To Cori Bush’s Racist Comments About His Speaker Nomination



Cori Bush

Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) has responded to racist comments from his colleague Cori Bush (D-MO), who said that Donalds was being used as “a prop” by Republicans because he is black. 

Bush’s comments came in response to Donalds receiving a nomination for Speaker of the House on Wednesday and earning 20 votes from Republicans. 

“FWIW, @ByronDonalds is not a historic candidate for Speaker. He is a prop. Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy. His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic,” Bush tweeted.

Following backlash, Bush doubled down on her racist comments.

“My issue is because he was not someone they have been promoting for the last 2 years,” she said. “I want him to understand: They’re only using you.”

“I’m glad [Republicans] took offense,” she added. 

Donalds responded during an appearance on “Varney & Co,” saying, “If you see a Black man rise, let the man rise even if you disagree with them. I’d be happy to sit down and debate our policies one on one whenever you’d like. As a Black man to a Black woman, I’d never do that to you. It’s a shame you did it to me.”

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