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BREAKING: Trump Announces Lawsuit Against Facebook, Google and Twitter



Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he brought lawsuits against the largest tech companies that silenced him and many conservatives. Trump is filing suits against Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as their CEOs.

At a news conference that took place at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course, the former president said, “Today I’m filing as the lead class representative a major class action lawsuit against the Big Tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter and [CEO’s] Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai.”

He continued, “we’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well.” He said the suits are a “beautiful development for our freedom of speech” and “we’re going to hold Big Tech very accountable.”

Trump is serving as lead plaintiff in the class-action suits for being wrongfully censored by the individuals and their respective companies. The suits were filed in U.S. District Court for Florida’s southern district.

National Review reports the suit is backed by the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit launched by former Trump administration members to advance the former president’s policies. Trump was banned from Twitter and temporarily banned from Facebook after the January 6 riots on the United States Capitol.

On January 7th, Zuckerberg said Trump was suspended from the platform because he used it “to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.” Facebook has extended his ban to at least January of 2023.

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