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Biden’s Secretary Of Education: ‘Students Need Access To’ Abortions To ‘Thrive In School And In Life’



President Biden Meets With Union And Business Leaders To Discuss Infrastructure

On Tuesday, Democrat President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Education said that college students need to have access to abortions to “thrive in school and in life.”

The remarks from Secretary Miguel Cardona came during the second meeting of the Biden administration’s Task Force on Reproductive Health Care Access. According to Reuters, the meeting focused on how some women “cannot access abortion services.” Notably, reproduction needs to have already occurred in order for an abortion to be possible – despite the name of the task force.

“As I share your grave concerns about maintaining access to contraception and reproductive health services on our college campuses and ensuring there’s accurate and reliable information for students and for educators,” Cardona said as he sat next to Biden. “Students need access to health care to thrive in school and in life, and that includes reproductive health care.”

“Thank you also to Vice President Harris. In August, we met with college leaders grappling with new sweeping restrictions to their states. Our work together is ongoing,” Cardona added. “It’s clear the Dobbs ruling has sown fear and confusion on our college campuses.”

The press conference ended with Biden’s staff ushering reporters out of the room as the president appeared to be annoyed by their questions.

“Among the only press in the world that does this,” Biden said of the reporters asking questions. “Seriously.”

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