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Biden Tells Reporters Not To Look At Teleprompter, Incorrectly Suggests Ukraine Is Part Of NATO



On Friday, President Biden had some apparent missteps while addressing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden told reporters not to look at his teleprompter and then suggested that Ukraine was a member of NATO.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s actions are a sign he’s struggling.  A sham referenda he carried out.  And the — this routine he put on,” Biden said before pausing to address reporters who were looking at the teleprompter and telling them, “Don’t worry, it’s not on there, if you’re looking, okay?”

“The — he — the sham routine that he put on this morning that is showing the unity and — you know, has people holding hands together,” Biden said of Putin. “Well, the United States is never going to recognize this.  And quite frankly, the world is not going to recognize it either.”

“He can’t seize his neighbor’s territory and get away with it.  It’s as simple as that,” Biden said. “And we’re going to stay the course.  We’re going to continue to provide military equipment so that Ukraine can defend itself and its territory and its freedom, including additional resources that the Congress is going to give me today of 13 billion more dollars to help the Ukrainians defend themselves and fight back.”

“And we’re fully prepared to defend — I’m going to say this again — America is fully prepared with our NATO Allies to defend every single inch of NATO territory — every single inch.  So, Mr. Putin, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying: every inch,” Biden said, incorrectly suggesting Ukraine was a member of NATO. “And I have to be — I’ve been in close touch with — with our allies.  We’re announcing new sanctions today as well that — including new authorities to sanction anyone who provides political or economic support to Russia’s fa- — fraudulent territorial claims.”

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