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Biden Releases Video Pretending ‘Bidenomics’ Has Helped U.S. Economy



Joe Biden

On Friday, Democrat President Joe Biden released a video on Twitter in which he attempted to argue that the U.S. economy has benefited from “Bidenomics,” while making misleading and false claims about the economy. 

Biden begins by claiming that his economic policies have led to the creation of 13 millions jobs. However, as noted by the House Budget Committee, “Nearly 72 percent of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation. In fact, when looking at today’s economy compared to pre-pandemic levels, employment is up only by 3.7 million, not 13 million.”

In comparison, “in his first 2.5 years, job creation under President Trump was 5 million—1.3 million more jobs than the current President in the same time frame after factoring in the recovery from pandemic.”

Biden then claims that his policies have led to increased wages. However, real wages of American workers have fallen by 3% since Biden began his presidency in January of 2021

Biden’s last claim was that his policies have lowered costs and helped small businesses. However, Biden’s presidency is notorious for the inflation crisis that were a result of his policies as prices rose at a faster rate than they had in nearly half a century. 

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