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Biden Admin Attacks Those Opposing Abortion Pills After Walgreens Decision



After Walgreens announced it would no longer sell abortion pills by mail in 20 Republican-led states, the Biden administration attacked Republicans by saying it is “dangerous and unacceptable” to try to oppose the sale of the life-ending drugs.

The attack came the day after Walgreens confirmed to Politico that it will no longer dispense the abortion pills by mail or at their physical stores in those states. The announcement was prompted by a letter to the company from nearly two dozen Republican state attorneys general who threatened legal action if the company began distributing the drugs, which have become the country’s most popular method for ending the lives of unborn babies. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not explicitly address the Walgreens decision, according to The Hill, but instead attacked those attempting to restrict the sale of the life-ending drugs. 

“Elected officials targeting pharmacies and their ability to provide women with safe, effective and FDA-approved medication is dangerous and just unacceptable,” Jean-Pierre said. 

“This is all part of a continued effort by anti-abortion extremists who want to use this arcane law to impose a backdoor ban on abortion,” she added. “The administration will continue to stand by the FDA’s expert judgment in approving and regulating medications. And in the face of barriers to access and concerns about safety of patients, healthcare providers and pharmacists, we will continue to support access to this critical medication within the limits of the law.”

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