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Biden Admin Announces Additional $2 Billion In Military Aid To Ukraine



On Friday, Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration announced that it would be sending an additional $2 billion in military aid to Ukraine to help fight against the Russian invasion. 

The announcement came one year after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the Biden administration has sent more than $100 billion in aid to Ukraine.

According to a press release from the Department of Defense, the aid includes “additional Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and counter-UAS and electronic warfare detection equipment, as well as critical ammunition stocks for artillery and precision fires capabilities that will bolster Ukraine’s ability to repel Russian aggression.”

The press release also suggested that the Biden administration will send additional aid in the future.

“The United States will continue to work with its Allies and partners to provide Ukraine with capabilities to meet its immediate battlefield needs and longer-term security assistance requirements for as long as it takes,” the press release said.

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