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THREE YEARS LATER: Biden’s Multi-Billion Dollar Plan to Connect Rural Americans to High Speed Internet Has Connected ZERO People

In 2021, the Biden administration hyped a multi-billion dollar plan to connect rural Americans to high speed internet. Three years…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

PANIC AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Top Aides to Biden Worry He Doesn’t Have a Serious Plan to Beat Trump

New reporting reveals that some aides close to Joe Biden are worried that he doesn’t have a serious plan to…

Mike LaChance 3 Min Read

Former Major Fundraiser for Obama Deserts Democrats and is Now Backing Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Allison Huynh is a former fundraiser for Obama who brought millions of dollars to his campaign and the Democrat party.…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Joe Scarborough and Mika Make Fools of Themselves Parroting White House Line About ‘Fake’ Footage of Feeble Biden (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe have become two of the biggest (and pathetic) media cheerleaders for…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

POLL: Trump Takes Lead Over Biden in Vital Swing State of Pennsylvania

Trump has taken the lead over Biden in Pennsylvania, according to new polling from Marist. Once again, Pennsylvania is going…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Tom Cotton Defends Trump’s Foreign Policy on CNN: ‘I’ve Noticed That Vladimir Putin Only Invades Ukraine When Democrats Are President’ (VIDEO)

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper this weekend and made an astute observation about Russia…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

SHOCK: Trump Now Has Slight Polling Average LEAD Over Biden in Virginia and Minnesota

In recent weeks, polling has shown Trump gaining on Biden in blue Minnesota. Two different polls have shown Trump tied…

Mike LaChance 1 Min Read

Reparations Committee in Oakland, California Wants $5 Million in Tax Dollars – Just to Come Up With a Plan

Oakland, California is falling apart at the seams. Crime in the city is through the roof and there are parts…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

POLL: Most Voters Think Biden’s Mental Decline is Real

New polling from Rasmussen Reports finds that a majority of likely voters believes that Joe Biden’s mental decline is real.…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read

Reporter Asks Residents of Wilmington, Delaware About Hunter Biden Trial – Gets Priceless Reactions (VIDEO)

Mia Cathell is an investigative reporter for Townhall. After Hunter Biden was found guilty this week, Cathell walked around Wilmington,…

Mike LaChance 3 Min Read

POLL: Trump Jumps to 8 Point Lead Over Biden in Arizona

Donald Trump has just jumped to an eight-point lead over Joe Biden in the important state of Arizona, according to…

Mike LaChance 2 Min Read
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