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Nathan Wade Pleads Poverty to Get Out of Alimony and Child Support Payments to His Ex-Wife After Resigning as Trump Prosecutor Over Improper Relationship With Fani Willis

Fani Willis with paramour Nathan Wade Former Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who recently resigned from his role in…

Jordan Conradson 4 Min Read

REVEALED: Nathan Wade Attorney’s Text Messages to Trump Co-Defendant’s Attorney Reveal He LIED in Court and Fani Willis Started Dating Nathan Wade Before Taking Office!

Terrence Bradley drips in sweat on the witness stand – February 27 Fani Willis lied! Nathan Wade lied! Terrence Bradley…

Jordan Conradson 11 Min Read

WATCH: Nathan Wade had Garage Door Opener to Fani Willis’ Home

Had Sex With Fani Willis at Her Law Office BEFORE She Was DA According to Trump Co-Defendant’s Attorney – Attorney…

Jordan Conradson 7 Min Read

Congressman Nehls SLAMS Joe Biden: “You Suck. You’re Horrible!” (VIDEO)

Says Open Borders is Part of Biden’s “Long-Term Goal and Strategy” to Give Illegals Voting Rights

Jordan Conradson 6 Min Read
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