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VIDEO: Protesters Storm the Field at Congressional Baseball Game – Are Quickly Tackled and Cuffed – But Will These Insurrectionists See Jail Time?

The Congressional Baseball Game, a Washington DC tradition since 1909, was held tonight at Nationals Park in the nation’s capital.…

Jim Hoft 1 Min Read

CBS’s Brennan Thrown for Loop by Poll Showing 62% Want All Undocumented Migrants Deported

A new CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday found that 62% of Americans support a national program to deport all…

Jim Hoft 3 Min Read

Iranian Regime CONFIRMS President Ebrahim Raisi Died in Helicopter Crash – NO SIGNS OF LIFE DETECTED AT CRASH SITE

As reported earlier by Cullen Linebarger – A helicopter carrying Iranian President and mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi crashed while visiting a northern…

Jim Hoft 2 Min Read

Potato Brain Biden Warns Israelis “Don’t Move on Haifa!”… Israel’s Third Largest City

Joe Biden delivered a stern warning to Israeli leaders on Wednesday, “Don’t move on Haifa!” Haifa is the third largest…

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Former Bodyguard for P. Diddy Says There Are Secret Tapes of A-Listers and Politicians at Diddy’s Parties – VIDEO

P. Diddy’s ex-girlfriend is reportedly cooperating with the feds. According to TMZ she’s been helping them for a few weeks.…

Jim Hoft 1 Min Read

Kamala Harris Says “No One Should Have to Go to Jail for Smoking Weed” – After She Oversaw Over 1,900 Pot Convictions

This is why the regime wants to censure Americans.  It makes it harder for them to get away with their…

Jim Hoft 4 Min Read

Trump Super Tuesday Victory Speech: Joe Biden Is the Worst President in the History of Our Country

President Trump delivered a victory speech tonight at his Mar-a-Lago home after winning 15 of the Super Tuesday states. Nikki…

Jim Hoft 2 Min Read

SHOCK NY TIMES POLL: 97% of 2020 Trump Voters Ready to Vote for Him Again in 2024 – While Joe Biden Loses Almost 20% of His Voters AND 10% TO TRUMP! (VIDEO)

This explains why Democrats want Trump in jail. They can’t beat him. A new New York Times-Sienna poll found that…

Jim Hoft 1 Min Read

Elon Musk Weighs In on Joe Biden Turning America into “a Refuge for the World’s Worst Criminals!”

Illegal aliens in Eagle Pass, Texas In December Bloomberg reported that Venezuela’s violent deaths fell to a 22-year low on…

Jim Hoft 2 Min Read

President Trump Holds NINE Point Lead Over Biden in Latest National Poll – With 14% of Democrat Voters Supporting Trump

The latest Harris poll shows Donald Trump winning over 14% of Democrat voters. A new Harris X poll found that…

Jim Hoft 1 Min Read

UPDATE: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Moved to Critical Care Unit at Walter Reed Military Medical Center

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, aged 70, was admitted to the Critical Care Unit at Walter Reed National…

Jim Hoft 4 Min Read
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